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Before using this site, please read our policies, and visit their corresponding pages (if any).

Note: This page was updated August 26 2014

In the spirit of full disclosure, below you’ll find a list of every policy that governs this website, VCopy Blog, which in itself is governed by the policies set forth at Virtual Copy, including the privacy and TOS policies.

By using and reading the the VCopy Blog now and in the future you agree that you have read and will abide by the policies herein. If you do not agree to abide by these policies, please leave this website.

Privacy Policy

The VCopy Blog is governed by the Virtual Copy Privacy Policy, which has been modified slightly from the original to cover actions admins and users of the VCopy Blog may take. This includes coverage as to how we use information you give including user contributions, guest content, personal information such as your email address, and how we use cookies.

Read the VCopy Blog Privacy Policy here, or at the link in the footer. Read the original Virtual Copy Privacy Policy here.

Terms of Service/User Agreement

Here you’ll the VCopy Blog Terms of Service, which is a modified version of the Virtual Copy Terms of Service. It has been adapted to cover the actions that the admins and users of VCopy Blog may take. This includes the VCopy Blog administrator responsibilities and rights, and those of the readers and users of the VCopy Blog.

Associated Press Style

Many bloggers write using their own personal style, which means using Title case for titles and subheadings. However, VCopy Blog uses AP style, which means our titles and subheads are written using sentence case, among other stylistic differences between this and a personal blog. I try to use AP style in all writing, but since I am human, I may make a mistake from time to time (feel free to point them out to me!).

You can subscribe to the AP Stylebook here, where you can research any stylistic differences you may notice. (This is a direct link, not an affiliate link.)

Opinion, Views and Reviews

From time to time, VCopy Blog may publish guest content, and as such, all content submitted by guest contributors are clearly marked as such. The opinions, views, reviews and recommendations made within the pages of VCopy Blog are that of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinion of VCopy Blog, Virtual Copy, or JC Torpey.

Comment Policy  

The VCopy Blog issues the following policies and warnings to those wishing to leave comments:

  • All comments are moderated.
  • Abusive language and discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • Anonymous comments are not accepted.
  • Readers may submit comments, but keep in mind that you are responsible for your own content, and JC Torpey and the VCopy Blog are not liable for opinions expressed in comments.
  • Comment spam will not be tolerated.

Due to the frequency with which commenters are ignoring this policy, the following has been added:

  • Only CommentLuv links are allowed – all other links will be removed.
  • This is an English speaking website and all comments must be in English.
  • No soliciting – commercialized comments (and comments telling me how to get massive traffic) allowed.

Commenters who continue to ignore this policy will be permanently blacklisted and reported to various spam watchlists and/or their ISPs.


This blog uses Comment Luv Premium, which offers extra features. Be kind to JC Torpey, the VCopy Blog and its readers, don’t spam, and don’t be abusive and we’ll be kind to you by allowing you to use those extra features. You can read more about our  commenting and CommentLuv policies here.

Guest Contributions

From time to time VCopy Blog may publish content contributed by various guest authors. Guest contributions are not paid, but authors do receive extend bio pages and links to their own websites. We welcome anyone, as long as you can write perfect U.S. English and have a firm grasp of U.S. English spelling and grammar, and of AP style. For information on how to contribute as a guest author, and to read our Guest Contribution Guidelines, visit this page.

Affiliate, Advertising, and Blogger Compensation

JC Torpey sells writing services from Virtual Copy and uses advertisements and affiliate links to make money from the VCopy Blog, and you  should assume that links to Amazon, Ebay and other third party selling websites are affiliate links. For more information about this policy, read this required FTC disclosure and our advertising policies.

Sponsored Posts

Most reviews are written because JC believes her review can help her readers whether the outcome is good or bad. However, product manufacturers may sponsor a review from time to time, but sponsorship has no bearing on a review outcome. Sponsored reviews are clearly marked, as is other sponsored content.

Copyright Disclosure

Here you’ll find information about how VCopy Blog content is copyrighted, how to make a copyright complaints, and general intellectual property information.

Please note that this page serves as a basic, preliminary policies page, and it will be updated with links as the corresponding pages are created.