Happy Holidays 2014-15

Site redesign and other changes are coming soon

When I published the post detailing the Blogging and marketing experiment, I had an idea, formulated a plan, and ran with it.
Since that last post, life apparently decided it had other plans for me, and thought it would be interesting to throw a monkey wrench or two my way. The wrenches with which life hit me were huge, and felt as if I had no control over anything I wanted to do. The wrenches affected me, my plan and my business – and affected them in a big way.
Unfortunately, while I cannot divulge the name or type of wrenches that got stuck in the works – (I’m investigating and will publish a detailed report on Digital Journal with a notice here when I do) –  I can say is that I am being forced to change Virtual Copy and the VCopy Blog again, and much sooner than I had planned.
So, in honor of the holidays this year, I’ve decided to make these changes to the site as part of my annual website cleaning and redesign.
I’ve also decided to run my “Grand Opening Discount” again, which you can take advantage of until the last day of January, 2015.
Check out the discount and its restrictions here.

What this means for readers

What this means for blog readers and Virtual Copy clients is that the site will change a bit, and may experience some downtime intermittently. That said, please know that I will try to keep the website and blog up and running with as few interruptions as possible, and that I will announce outrages ahead of time whenever possible.
During the next few weeks, you can expect to see some design and framework changes.
You can also expect to see more posts.

Holiday cleaning time frame

Although I hope to complete all of the changes to Virtual Copy and this blog by New Year’s, because life has a habit of throwing wrenches in the works, this timeline may change.
However, if I think it’ll take longer to complete, I will update this post and the banner on the home pages of affected sites.
Otherwise, I  will continue promoting, writing, taking clients and blogging as usual.

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding during what is likely to be a stressful time.

~~ JC Torpey



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