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Written by JC Torpey, and the official outlet for the Virtual Copy Article Writing Service. VCopy Blog will bring readers fun and informative news, views, opinions, and reviews about diverse topics.

JC Torpey writes the bulk of the content here, but VCopy Blog may publish guest contributions from other authors. If you want to share your passion with the world and have a firm grasp of the English language (U.S.), then I look forward to hearing from you. VCopy Blog welcomes new, unpublished writers too. Contact JC Torpey here while our Guest Contributor page is under construction.

What Type of Content Does VCopy Blog Offer?

From “how to” style articles about starting a small businesses, finding writing clients, or optimizing your website properly to “top 10” and “best of” lists, marketing tips and tricks, and politics and tech news, the VCopy Blog will offer informative news, expert reviews, and even photo and design contributions in the hopes to delight out readers.

What about VCopy Blog’s Policies?

The following is a list of VCopy Blog’s most important policies, and you can read them in their entirety by clicking their respective links:

  • Opinions, Views & Reviews: Authors’ opinions do not represent those of JC Torpey or the VCopy Blog.
  • Privacy Policy & TOS agreement: Virtual Copy enforces its TOS and Privacy policies and extends them to cover user contributions. View them in full here, and on every page footer.
  • Comment and CommentLuv: Spam and abuse are not tolerated, and opinions are those of the authors.
  • Advertising, Affiliate, and Blogger Disclosure: VCopy Blog and JC Torpey use affiliate links, sponsored posts and advertisements.
  • Guest Contribution Policy: Anyone can submit a guest post in English using AP Style and according to these rules.
  • Copyright Policy: Authors retain content copyrights while VCopy Blog and JC Torpey retain exclusive publishing rights with properly attributed excerpts allowed

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